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   Capt. Peggy Van Vleet 


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Board Minutes

Aug 10 2010

LECBA Board Minutes

Monday, August 9, 2010

Speaker sheriff Braxton -

The sheriff came to the meeting to get input from the organization concern the border patrol and law enforcement effort on the lake.

1. The Northern Border Initiative is a 24 county effort

2. Sheriffs boat

3. Port Clinton Boat

The captains at the meeting aired there feelings regarding the enforcement effort and the sheriff said he would bring these to the meeting on Thursday August 12 and the Visitors Center .

Also in attendance were a county commissioner and the head of the Visitor Center.

Meeting called to order at 7:40pm

Dispense with the reading of the minutes

Treasurer report. Are finances are a mirror image of 2009 and the memberships are coming in about the same a last year.

Motion to approve Dave Whitt second Mike Matta


President Unger said he would again run for office and encouraged the current officers to do likewise as the organization is now in the best position it has been in for years.


Discussed open water dumping issue and said he would be attending a meeting to sign off on the lawsuit

Talked about Tony Novaks suggesting that the creel checks were not effective. Said we would stick with the science as Roger Knight assured us that the method was scientifically tested and reliable.

Dean Cook case thrown out of court

Paul Pacholski:

Discussed Algae on western basin caused by increased phosphorous level in the lake .

Healthy lake phosphorous levels 10-20 ppm , spring run off from the Maumee river 1000 ppm , summer 60 ppm Farm lobby very strong politician won't touch the issue

Mike Matta:

Suggested a political forum where candidates would come a present their views and answer our question on the lake issues.

The visitors Center offered there building for the forum . It was decided that the forum would be two days one for Democrats and one for Republicans .

President Unger asked for opinions on the Asian Carp issue so that the LECBA could issue a position statement. Decided that we would firmly advocate a hydrological separation that was most effective as soon as possible

LECBA Summer Bash August 28 at the Pond. Help needed for door prizes and ticket sales.

Adjournment Paul Pacholski 8:40PM

Bob Witt