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   Capt. Peggy Van Vleet 


Captain Of The Year






July 13, 2009

LECBA Board Meeting

Monday, July 13, 2009

 Meeting was held at The Pond.President Unger called the meeting to order at 6:45 PM. Members present: Jeff Goehring, Mike Karhoff, Chris Moore, Pete Scheid, Barry Witt, Bobby Witt, Dan Welsh, Rick Unger Guests present:  Eric Gahn, Theresa Behrends, Peggy Van Vleet Motion made by Dan Welsh to approve June minutes.  Seconded by Bobby Witt.  Passed by the Board. No Treasurer’s Report. MS Society Tournament went very well.  They are thankful for the participation of the LECBA. President Unger revisited the issue from last month presented by Ron Eickholt about the fishing nets on the line.  There is currently a study being done between the United States and Canada.  They are not considered “fishing nets”, but scientific nets. 4 – H Sea Camp went well. Governor’s Day was today.  It went extremely well.  The Governor did not attend, but his wife and Senator Voinovich did attend. Nothing had been heard as of yet about the Dean Cook Case.  It is expected to go to trial. President Unger attended and spoke at the Greater Cleveland Sportsman meeting.  He has been invited to another meeting. There will be Wildlife Council meeting on Wednesday, July 15, 2009.  President Unger cannot attend, and the August meeting is tentative for him.  Limits will be posted in March.  No idea about this years hatch until September.            Dan Welsh presented the question asking if the Board was in favor of a 17-inch limit.  No decisions have been made as to where the Board stands on the issue. Roger Knight (and possibly Ray Petering) will be attending the next meeting with facts and figures to share with the Board.  Please bring with you any questions/comments/concerns you may have. Next meeting will be held at the Island House on Monday, August 10, 2009. 

Motion to adjourn at 7:20 PM by Dan Welsh. Seconded by Pete Scheid.  Passed by the Board.